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For years, I have worked with PHP, this has included but is not limited to back end scripting between systems (I find it more powerful than bash scripting) and of course websites. Recent scripts and applications that I have worked with that involve PHP are:

  • A Script that can automate the use of the "convert" utility that is part of the ImageMagik suite of tools written for command line processing of images.
  • A financial stock market analysis program, at the moment I use this for personal insight into the stock market and its workings.
  • A game of Mancala that can be played in the style of email correspondence. When Player 1 makes a move, it will email Player 2, which will then email Player 1 when the move is made. That game can be found at http://mancala.infochi.net Currently it is in its early development as it only uses numbers to represent the ponds and banks rather than graphics. My purpose behind developing this is so that I could learn how to make a game using artificial intelligence (in the future) that works with email correspondence.
From what I have seen and used this class for, it can be helpful not only for use within the scripting for a webpage, but also in making shell or automatic scripts for use on a command prompt on a machine. I realize that some people may think that it is overkill to have one's scripts in PHP if they are only used on a command prompt style use, but it can be very beneficial for several reasons.
  1. First off, for me, I learned PHP long ago as it's coding style is very similar to C or C++, it is easy to keep up and maintain.
  2. It can be helpful to have a simple way to organize your scripts and have the same language in common between all of them regardless of the type of server that it is running on.
  3. I, using KDE, like to use a program called Quanta+, which is like Dreamweaver in some senses. That program allows easy upload of the files as they are saved on to your local computer, so it can be easy to keep the files current.

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