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Orderly Code As far as writing the PHP code verses the ASP and .NET code (I will simply refer to this as ASP). I personally think it is easier to get started with the PHP code as it is possible to just include <?php echo <p>Hello World</p>; ?> inside a file that is named with the php extension and it will work. Granted for ASP the statement would be <% Response.Write <p>Hello World</p> %>. In my opinion this is a little easier to see in PHP even at this simple a level, but I will admit it is almost the same. However when you get to much larger functions and classes, PHP truly seems to be a more simple language to both read and write. This is partly because it is its own language built from C and C++ while ASP is built on Visual Basic. The fact that is named Visual indicates that is meant to look pretty, but when it is made to do many complex things it tends to get bloated. PHP (and thus C/C++) can be incredibly optimized even when it is very large, after all the *nix operating systems are built on C/C++.

Remember, keep that code organized. Not just for you, but for everyone else including the next developer who might look at it.

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