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How Do We Know That Jesus was the Son of God?

Fire Baptism, Ouch!
Calling Upon the Name of the Lord
Is He in You?
Eternal Salvation (New as of 7-30-2002)
The Oneness of God - Could there be another god? (Ongoing)
Related to Physical Matters:
Can God Make the Sun Stand Still
"The Circle of the Earth"
Creation of the Soul of Man (A Genealogical Approach)
Prophetic Analysis:
Isaiah 53, What does it mean from a Jewish perspective
Twice Seventy - A look at forgiveness and the 70 weeks of Daniel

I have other thoughts on what I will be writing on in the future, but as always some topics are more of an ongoing personal study than others. Mainly I write studies for others as God leads me to do so. If you have an idea that you think might be good to write about, please let me know. It might be what is needed for me to write something that yourself and a friend of mine have both been wondering about, that way I can help further the work of God's kingdom by helping in multiple places at once

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